Colloquia are an integral part of the education at the Scuola Superiore di Catania. They include:

Themed cyclic seminars

  1. Constitution, Society and Rights (Prof. Ida Nicotra)
  2. Bio-ethics (Prof. Daniele Condorelli)
  3. Cinema at Scuola (Prof. Lina Scalisi)

The Scuola Colloquia
Formal encounters in the form of colloquia in the School’s Great Hall with important personalities from the academic, political, economic, social etc. world on widely various themes of science, current affairs etc.

Meetings where important personalities tell informal anecdotal stories about their lives, work or …

Lectio Gioenia
Each summer, the Scuola and the Accademia Gioenia organise a seminar, open to University of Catania’s professors and students and to all interested in Catania.


These encounters are obligatory for the Scuola’s students and are open (except Stories) to the academic community and to students of Catania University.